Cocktail recipe "French connection" contains the following ingredients:

History cocktail recipe "French connection":

As such, the history of the cocktail recipe "French connection" is not found. The lists of cocktails to 2000 Also, the drink is not marked. (-_-) Output, suggests itself, that this cocktail appeared recently. Do you think this is too small? Yes, history of this cocktail as a dark spot, but the people there is a rumor, that the drink is directly linked to some American film 1971 , the "French Connection". But here's the question that, in honor of what has been called to answer difficult. It is more logical to assume, that after the film was followed by the creation of a cocktail recipe "French connection". But this is just speculation ... (^_^)

Incidentally, a cocktail observed in both the International Association of Bartenders after-dinner.

There are two options for a cocktail recipe "French connection":

Amaretto (translates to "slightly bitter") - An Italian liqueur, having a sweet taste. Made from almonds (apricot pits). Color brown, aroma and flavor of almonds pronounced.

A few words about the cocktail of the "French connection":

Cheap, easily, nicely. Cocktail recipe "French connection" is quite simple to prepare. The ingredients are easy to find in a supermarket, and the time, spent on a cocktail of all amounts to one minute. The drink is strong, so carried away too much they should not. But in the cool evening, he could warm up and raise your spirits. And if there is ice, it will easily be able to relax you. Pleasant taste and light aroma of almonds, rich palette of colors, what else is needed after a tiring day? (^_~)

Now directly to the most cocktail recipe "French connection".

Take Rocks glass (a small glass) and fill it all the ingredients of a cocktail. Add ice and stir with a spoon all of the bar. No need to decorate.

That's all drink "French connection" (French Connection) ready !

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