Recipe Cocktail "Cosmopolitan" contains the following ingredients:

History of the recipe cocktail "Cosmopolitan":

To date, cocktail recipe, "Cosmopolitan" is one of the most popular worldwide. Stories of its creation and promotion of a lot, but I will tell you the most relevant.

The end of the 70s. A drink very similar to the "Cosmopolitan" is becoming an integral part of the gay bars. (O_o)

1985 year, Южный пляж (South Beach), Florida. A female bartender named Cheryl Cook (Cheryl Cook) created the first cocktail recipe marked "Cosmopolitan". His creation it is argued by, that very often observed rather strange picture: young people came to her in a bar and ordered a regular martini, but not because of, them that he came to taste, and to look stylish with the wide glass on a long stalk. (o_O) It is a little surprised, but the picture is repeated too often. Because of this, she decided to make this drink, that could have been drinking from a martini glass, Plus that he had excellent taste and hit his views. So the idea came to her recipe cocktail "Cosmopolitan":

1987 year, Manhattan. The bartender named Tobi Ciccini / ?e??ini (Toby Cechini), using the idea of ??Cheryl, brought the recipe for a cocktail "Cosmopolitan" to the current state, namely, replacing the lemon juice and lime on the changing liqueur Cointreau for Triple Sec (the basis of both orange). International Association of Bartenders official acknowledged this particular cocktail recipe "Cosmopolitan".

Barmen Association of Russia (B.A.R.) attributes the Dale DeGroffu. According to them, it was he who added the former Citron vodka recipe.

His popularity is obliged to drink most of the famous American TV series Sex and the City (1998—2004). Cocktail has become a favorite drink of the heroines. Fans were delighted. Everybody is happy, a drink in the meantime finds fame in certain circles. Later, get along without it, no glamorous tusovka.

The stars of show business is also assessed on the merits of this cocktail. For example it was seen to not obscure Madonna.

I would like to submit another drink from the family of "Cosmopolitan":

Куантро (Cointreau) - French orange liqueur. It includes alcohol, orange peel and spices. Delicate flavor goes into slow burning ...

Трипл Сек (Triple Sec) - In the translation of a triple or triple the dry distillation. French liqueur with an orange odor. Fortress of the 15 to 40 degrees.

A few words about the cocktail, "Cosmopolitan":

From the above, make a conclusion. This cocktail will be relevant to any glamorous party, any admission or at any exhibition, in other words there, where there are people, who care about fashion. But that does not mean, that the drink only to show off. He has excellent taste, great colors, fruity, and of course the same prelesny martini glass. \(^_^)/

Now directly to the very recipe cocktail "Cosmopolitan".

It will take a minute or two. Take a shaker, pour into a cocktail of all ingredients, add a little ice and how to shake. Then pour the contents of the shaker a glass of cocktail (martini glass). For decoration you can use a circle or a slice of lime.

That's all cocktail "Cosmopolitan" (Cosmopolitan) ready !

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